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Battle of the Blue: K-Tek vs Orca Bags


K-Tek and Orca Bags, two location sound accessory manufacturers, have been battling head to head throughout the past year over their new sound bag products.


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'David Bowie Is' Rocks the Windy City


It’s a perfect final week of Summer on Chicago Ave. With the right balance of humid heat and cooling breeze, locals are crowding city streets and parks for that last chance of T-shirt-and-shorts freedom. What better time to host the “David Bowie Is” exhibit’s USA debut at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, where visitors will be fully immersed in David Bowie’s archive of over 50 years of original costumes, photography, set designs, album artwork, and rare performance material. The exhibit itself is a chronological retrospective of how Bowie influenced the reinvention of musical and visual expression, challenging the essence of pop culture throughout the decades.  From early childhood upbringings, his early influences & beginning


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Sennheiser-Driven David Bowie Exhibit Coming To Chicago

david bowie

It’s difficult to imagine pop rock music today, without the iconic contributions from David Bowie over the past decades.  From his early Ziggy days to his musical and aesthetic experimentation onward, Bowie influenced the continual reinvention of the art form, challenging the essence of pop culture.  ‘David Bowie Is’, the first international retrospective exhibit of its kind, has already been viewed by more than half a million visitors around the world in London, Berlin, São Paulo and Toronto over the past year. Curated by London’s Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum, this experience is now heading to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. More than 300 objects including handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music


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Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone


Sennheiser has great microphones available for almost every level of profession and price point, in both music and entertainment applications. The MKE 600, a newer ?video journalist? version of their shotgun microphones, is no different. If you?re already familiar with their K6 module series, like the ME66, the MKE 600 combines the best of both into a one-piece product, like optional battery power, plus a high-pass/low cut filter. The MKE 600 is roughly 10 in. (265 mm) long, and weighs 128 g, housed in a lightweight but durable casing. The box also includes a foam windscreen, carrying pouch, user?s guide, and the MZS 600 hot-shoe


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OPINION: Are all AMD fans – idiots?


Editors’ note: Starting today, we are introducing the Deep Throat section. In this section we are going to feature industry insiders who will publish their "no holds barred" opinions. Our first Deep Throat commentator is only to be known as Scali, a software developer knee-deep into the development of current and next gen software millions of people use and enjoy in. This comment is a repost of the original entry, while in the future we’ll both repost selected blog content and publish BSN*-unique articles. DISCLAIMER: The views presented in Deep Throat sectionrepresent only the personal opinions of the authors. Members of BSN*may or may not