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Intel Starts Rolling Out Broadwell Desktop SKUs

Broadwell for desktop is a low-key affair.


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Intel’s Skylake-S Desktop Lineup Leaks

Intel will offer a total of 10 SKUs for Skylake, with commercial availability scheduled for the latter half of 2015.


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Intel To Launch Two Broadwell CPUs For Desktop, Skylake Debuting In October

Intel is set to reduce Broadwell’s release cycle to focus on Skylake.


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ASRock’s LGA1151 Motherboard For Intel Skylake CPUs Detailed In Leak

ASRock’s Skylake-based motherboard gives us a taste of what’s to come with Intel’s sixth-generation cores.


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Intel's Kirk Skaugen,14nm 2015: Broadwell Q1, Skylake 2H

Intel Capital Kirk 980

Intel’s Kirk Skaugen provided an update of the state of 14nm processors in Intel’s roadmap for 2015 and gave an idea of when we can expect products.


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Intel Skylake and 100 Series Chipset Details Leak

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The guys over at VR-Zone have scored what appears to be a roadmap document that details the changeover from Broadwell and Haswell over to Skylake. In the document, there is a vast amount of information, including the disclosure of the fact that there will be one chipset for consumer and server. This may ultimately mean that consumers will no longer have to suffer with inferior chipsets and enterprise won’t lose certain features that aren’t deemed ‘enterprise’. Not to mention, by having one chipset for both consumer and server, Intel can drive better volumes of that single chip and improve inefficiencies and profitability.   If you