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Microsoft Unveils ARM-based Windows 10 With Full X86 Compatibility

Four years ago, Microsoft was lead by Steve Ballmer, caught in a whirlwind of the “tablet tsunami” and eroding market share. The company wanted to ditch its traditional desktop apps in favor of new touch-based apps for tablets which featured ARM processors. A half-hearted project named Windows RT was born. “Windows on ARM” project debuted on Microsoft’s first Surface RT device featuring NVIDIA Tegra processor. It was a bold and confusing attempt to force people into a new world of touch apps, but Microsoft made the fatal mistake of providing something that looked like Windows but didn’t function like Windows. Windows RT couldn’t run traditional desktop apps, but


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New AMD Corporate Strategy Starts to Pay Off

Over the course of last year, AMD’s upper management started to split the company into two key elements – one that would drive the technology forward (Radeon Technologies Group) and one to make sure the technology brings back ‘best bang for buck’, mostly through licensing agreements and new industry collaborations. Radeon Technologies Group is being lead by Raja Koduri and his management and engineering team, while Dr. Lisa T. Su is driving the monetization aspect of AMD as the corporate entity. Less than a year after making an announcement that AMD is ‘open for business’ by licensing the core IP technologies such as CPU or GPU cores. We’ve


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AMD Announces New Embedded Processors

At the Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, AMD announced the third generation of Embedded G-Series and LX SoCs, hoping to provide customers a broadened portfolio of performance options. The latest offerings expand ability to scale x86 platforms, starting with the entry-level AMD Embedded G-Series LX SoC, which is pin compatible to the previous generation of SoC devices. Besides low-power processors, AMD also announced two higher performing SoCs, codenamed “Prairie Falcon” and “Brown Falcon,” which introduce pin compatibility between G-Series processors and high-performance AMD Embedded R-Series SoCs. The new products expand upon AMD’s low power capabilities, bringing scalable performance, power, and price across the CPU, GPU, multimedia, and I/O controller hardware, helping to lower


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AMD finally Launches K12, ARM-based Opteron

AMD’s path to this moment was a difficult one. The company spent $334 million to acquire SeaMicro, an investment which was latter written off completely, and ultimately lead to shutting down the micro-server division. At the same time, 2012 saw the announcement of ARM-based Opteron and its arrival on the product roadmap (and a continuous push back), with ARM-based AMD product being available only as a single processor, 1U half-rack development kit from a third party vendor. This changes today, with the introduction of AMD Opteron A1100 Series processors, based on a silicon codenamed ‘Seattle’ – which may or may not have to do anything with two major customers from that area. In order to bring


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Marvell Announces Two Low-Cost Global LTE SoCs

Marvell has today announced its newest applications processors with integrated LTE modems squarely aimed at the low-cost smartphone market with 4G LTE


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Nvidia Responds to Samsung's Lawsuit

Nvidia GPU Logo

Nvidia has responded to Samsung’s lawsuit, which is really a response to Nvidia’s lawsuit where they claim that Qualcomm and Samsung infringe upon patents.


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Nvidia In Discussions with 'Many' GPU Licensees

Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang talked about Nvidia’s GPU technology licensing discussions and possibilities during their latest earnings call with analysts.


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Qualcomm Misses Analyst Expectations, Weakens Outlook

Qualcomm reported their earnings for fiscal Q4 2014 as well as FY 2014 in the third quarter this year, missing analysts estimates and guiding FY 2015 down.


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AMD Steals Forrest Norrod from Dell to Fill Lisa Su's Old Post


AMD has found a successor to Lisa Su’s vacant position after ascending to CEO in former Dell Server VP and GM Forrest Norrod


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LG Releases NUCLUN SoC With Cat6 LTE

LG has released their own custom ARM SoC that utilizes the ARM big.LITTLE architecture in an octacore design combined with Cat6 LTE wireless connectivity


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Soft Machines Unveils VISC CPU Architecture at Linley

Soft Machines VISC Architecture

Soft Machines is a startup that today is coming out of their stealthmode status into the public at the Linley Processor Conference. Soft Machines is a company that has been around since 2006 and employs 250 people on three different continents, all with the expressed goal of working together to deliver their new VISC CPU architecture. The company’s CEO, Mahesh Lingareddy, comes from Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) as did its co-founder Mohammad Abdallah, which would explain the company’s focus on single threaded performance. Soft Machines has raised over $125 million from various funding sources including multiple angel investors, multiple sovereign wealth funds and semiconductor companies, including AMD (NYSE: AMD). The


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HTC Nexus 9 Launches at $399 on Oct 15th, Available Nov 3rd

HTC Nexus 9

We have learned that Google’s latest tablet, the HTC Nexus 9 will be launching on October 15th at $399 and will be available in stores November 3rd.


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Nvidia Confirms HTC Nexus 9

Google Material Nexus 9

While combing through Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) legal documents posted on the company’s website, Bright Side of News*’ sources pointed to a very interesting sentence that many may have overlooked or simply never seen. The legal document in question is  Nvidia’s own claim with the ITC claiming that Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) and Samsung (KRX:005935) are infringing upon its GPU technology patents. The document in question, which obviously had to go through Nvidia legal before becoming public is essentially a corporate confirmation of the previous Nexus 9 and HTC (TPE: 2498) rumors. Nvidia’s document specifically states, “the HTC Nexus 9, expected in the third quarter of 2014, is also expected to use the


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IDF 2014 Murmurings: A True Windows Phablet for Content Creationists?

While flying from Taipei to San Francisco for the usual September round of tech events, one story in this month’s MacWorld caught my attention: one of the editors was speculating how nice it would be to have a true full Mac in an iPhone size. Of course, Apple may be a little farther from merging the OS X and iOS than we thought earlier, but, what about looking at the same thing on the Wintel platform? Perhaps a Windows Phablet? It could be argued that one big mistake Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) did with Windows Phone is to compete with Android and Apple (NASDAQ: APPL). Windows OS, as


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Nvidia Sues Samsung and Qualcomm For Alleged Patent Infringement

Nvidia GPU Logo

In a blog, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) stated that it has filed patent infringement complaints with the US District Court in Delaware (where most US companies are incorporated) as well as with the International Trade Comission regarding Samsung (KRX:005935) and Qualcomm’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) infringement of its patents (You can view the complaints here (ITC) and here (Delaware)) . Nvidia is alleging that Samsung’s devices that use Qualcomm’s chips are infringing upon Nvidia’s own technologies that have been patented. Not just that, but by filing a complaint with the ITC, Nvidia is seeking that such devices that infringe upon these patents be banned from importation and sale within the United States. The devices that Nvidia claims infringe upon their



ARM 沒有任何跡象會放慢腳步

ARM宣布對其ARMv8-A技術,簽署第50個授權合約,其中包括對64位元計算的支持簽署。 雖然ARM沒有透露迄今為止已簽署的27家公司名字,它已經提及了晶片合作夥伴,包括前十大所有銷售應用程式處理機給智慧型手機的公司,其中的九家出售平版電腦的應用程式處理器,前五名公司裡面的四家公司,提供消費電子產品的晶片,前五名公司裡面的四家公司, 提供晶片給企業網絡和伺服器,以及來自大中國區域的8大晶片廠商。總之,大部分的晶片製造商的大頭目都在名單內了。 該授權合約涵蓋ARMv8-A核心架構以及ARM在Cortex A50系列中的處理器Cortex A53和A57。該授權涵蓋的ARMv8-A架構,以及A57和Cortex A53,這意味著持證照人既可以在其SoC使用堆疊的Cortex A53或Cortex A57核心,或利用建築執照打造量身定制的核心,如Qualcomm確實有其的Krait系列處理器 目前, SoC有這些核心以提供樣品給廠商,消費者今年稍晚,也等待推出預訂的時間。HTC將於本月晚期推出的第一款64位元CPU的智慧型手機,也就是謠言滿天飛的Desire 820。SoC可能會是Qualcomm的Snapdragon615,擁有八個Cortex A53核心,有四個核心是1.8 GHz和另外四個核心是1.0 GHz。其他手機廠商同樣地會將本身的產品向64位元的流行風跟進。有趣的是,Qualcomm提供堆疊ARM核心,作為硬體廠商都聲稱,還得再等一段時間,我們才看的見Krait CPU在ARMv8-A架構上。 將CPU轉移到64位元將在性能上有來明顯的躍進,以及更多虛擬部分的應用,主要集中在大型裝置領域,如伺服器。 ARM並不依賴於某一類裝置,供應商聲稱他們的野心是要在20元美金的智慧型手機裡使用一個核心。為了促進其IoT 和可穿戴產品的研究, ARM在臺灣新竹設立CPU設計中心,這將儲備全國現有的人才。通過在地經營,ARM就能與關鍵的半導體合作夥更接近,如 MediaTek (聯發科技) 。其64位元平台是四年多以來的研究成果,所以經由創建一個工廠來製造 IoT以及穿戴式裝置的處理器,ARM正在確保關鍵的部分,不落人後,與英特爾在行動處理器市場的角色雷同。 ARM的異軍突起,一直是英特爾的心中痛,由於在硬體方面,欠缺明顯的得利,因此與矽製造商在考慮轉移離開行動處理器領域的市場。英國供應商轉向64位元之舉,將進一步鞏固其在移動處理器的行業地位。憑藉其在全球五百億的晶片設計,廠商於短時間內是不太可能看到需求會有的衰落的現象。


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Video: Russian HD Review of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Camera

Normally, we don’t like to post most rumors of phones that are rumored to be launching, but considering that we’re nearing the launch of the iPhone 6 this month, many of the rumors, pictures and videos appear to be becoming more and more credible. As is the case with the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)  iPhone 6, with the Rozetked video that claims to show a final production iPhone 6 alongside an iPhone 5S. In fact, everything that they show in this device (which is in HD) clearly falls in line with the majority of the low-res leaks that have appeared over the months. This video is entirely in


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Imagination Announces New 64-bit MIPS I6400

MIPS I6400

Imagination Technologies (LON: IMG), the company now in ownership of MIPS’ technologies, has announced a new 64-bit MIPS processor that goes by the name of the MIPS I6400. The MIPS I6400 is Imagination Technologies’ and MIPS first 64-bit processor and actually one of the few 64-bit processors out there capable of running on a mobile device and run Android. This MIPS I6400 chip joins the MIPS Warrior family of processors which includes the Warrior M-class of entry-level MIPS cores for embedded and microcontroller applications and the Warrior P-class of high-performance MIPS processors. Based upon how Imagination Technologies is placing this new I-class of processors, it appears


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Don't Yet Dismiss Apple Shifting Macbooks to ARM

Apple Logo iMessage iWatch Backdoor

Rumors of an impending demise of Mactel are nothing new. But as ARM continues its momentum and Intel grapples with the delay of Broadwell, it’s worth taking a second look at the case for ARM on Mac. Although the Apple-Intel partnership has been going great ever since the Cupertino giant switched to Intel’s offerings from PowerPC processors in 2005, cost considerations and rising momentum of 64-bit ARM hardware may see a similar shift from Intel to ARM in the near future. At least that’s what Jean-Louis Gassée, a former Apple executive that served the company from 1981 to 1990, thinks. Although the Apple Gassée knew is a


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Qualcomm's Bill Davidson Goes to Globalfoundries


One of Qualcomm’s most senior and pivotal employees has been snatched up by the fab company Globalfoundries after spending 12 years with the company. Bill Davidson has been a investor relations and global marketing executive at Qualcomm for the past seven years, last assuming the role of SVP of Qualcomm Investor Relations, SVP of Strategy and Operations for Global Market Devlepment-QTI. QTI is Qualcomm’s biggest business unit, accounting for almost all of the company’s non-licensing revenues and profit. Davidson has been one of the pivotal figures inside Qualcomm over the past 12 years at the company, and his departure surely comes as a surprise to many.