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Hands On: YI M1 Mirrorless Digital 4K Camera


After some time looking at digital cameras for the new VR World office, we came across YI M1 Mirrorless ILC and decided to try it out. YI is a mainland China-based company that has already made its mark in the action camera market. After taking a closer look at M1 camera we think they might have ambitions beyond the action camera market. The YI M1 is built around a Sony-designed 20MP “Four Thirds” CMOS sensor that boasts RAW capability in the form of DNG output files and the ability to shoot 4K/30P video. As with its action cameras, YI publicly lists where its key components come from


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Developers Says PlayStation VR is The Best

Sony PlayStation VR

WCCFTech recently spoke with developer Alfonso del Cerro, the founder of Pentadimensional Games, in a short interview about creating the upcoming first-person superhero game, Megaton Rainfall. This will be one of the first titles on Sony’s highly-anticipated PlayStation VR headset and is also slated to arrive on the PC. He said Sony first showed interest in the game when the company played it last year at GDC 2015. “They were looking for projects for PSVR and I was showcasing MR at the Indie Megabooth,” he told the site. “Since then, they have been very friendly, they helped us with the visibility, showing the game in videos,


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Does The Future Of VR Look Bright Thanks To This Icelandic Company?


Several companies are working hard in the Virtual Reality field, producing some rather tantalizing previews of whats to come in the future. One of the companies making the VR look bright for the future is Iceland’s CCP Games. Their currently under-development EVE Valkyrie is considered a standard-bearer for VR games. Made for Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus, this interesting and appealing space dogfighting game is definitely a sign of things to come as it attracts VR users everywhere. They also have a game called Gunjack, as a similar gaming experience albeit with less impressive graphics, being made for Samsung Gear VR device. In a


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OPINION: What is the Future of Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality Content around Female Head. Credit: Amelia Rose

When it comes to emerging technologies, which are the ones that stand out in 2015? While there are a number to choose from, it is undoubtedly virtual reality (VR) that is capturing the imaginations of developers, brands and consumers alike. Even Mark Zuckerberg is stating that “VR is the next step for Facebook.” Not only does this have the potential to be lucrative, for example, but it can also change the lives of customers and the world around us forever. Although the technology behind VR has been in development for more than a decade and remains one of the industries worst kept secrets, during the


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Pluto Flyby Made Possible By Early PlayStation CPU

Pluto NASA New Horizons

NASA’s New Horizons probe shares the same brain as the early PlayStation console.


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Introducing Sony’s Project Morpheus

Sony Project Morpheus

As we enter the second half of 2015, we are presented with a virtual reality market that is saturated with high-end and entry level products. From the low-cost Merge VR headset to Microsoft’s HoloLens, the VR market has exploded and offers an incredibly diverse array of products for consumers to consider. With this in mind, several of the frontiers opposing virtual reality have been overcome already. Take the suggestion that VR hardware would be prohibitively priced, for example, as while some headsets are relatively costly there are others that have targeted the lower end of the market (think of Google’s simplistic Cardboard invention). There are


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When will Virtual Reality Games offer a Good Experience with Football?

Two Iceland teams met for a Football match using VR headsets with catastrophic results. Still, AR headset could be interesting.

In the past five years, virtual reality has left the realm of pipeline dream and established itself as something that will soon become a must have gaming apparatus. However, VR headsets offer much more than just an immersive gaming experience, they may be of benefit in the everyday world, especially for those who are involved in sport. This piece will look at how virtual reality can relate to the sport of football as well as football video games. In regards to football games, we will use EA Sports’ FIFA franchise over Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, simply because FIFA is the far more popular and the 2014


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Sony Plans to Release 1TB PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4

Sony issues two new PS4 models, but they aren’t the big console refreshes we’ve been waiting for.


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BBC To Shed Light On Sony’s Shady PSN Policies

PSN Logo

Sony’s ill handling of fraudulent purchases and hacked accounts will go public tonight courtesy of BBC One


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Bloodborne Expansion Is In The Works, Says Sony


Sony confirms that DLC for Bloodborne is in the works, but we won’t have details until later this year.


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Sony Announces Xperia Z4 in Japan


No word yet on a release outside the land of the rising sun.


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Will Virtual Reality Take Off In 2015?

Oculus Rift

Could VR see a release in 2015, or does the emerging platform need more work before it’s ready for mass consumption?


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Sony Buys Up OnLive’s Patents Amid Service Shutdown

OnLive Hardware

While OnLive bites the dust, Sony has nabbed the service’s patent rights to bolster its own flagging game-streaming service PlayStation Now.


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Spotify PS4 And PS3 App Launches Today, Is Timed Exclusive


Sony locks down exclusivity rights to Spotify to fuel its music-streaming service, revealing a new facet to timed exclusivity: software apps.


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Timed Exclusives Are The Future of Gaming

Xbox One - PS4

Much to the detriment and disdain of gamers, timed exclusivity is here to stay, and it represents the future of gaming.


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Suspend/Resume Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

PlayStation 4 Jet Black PS4

The PS4’s v 2.50 “Yukimura” update releases tomorrow, adding in a ton of functionality including suspend/resume, HDD backups, and more.


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Is Sony Imploding: Time to Call for a Hold?


Sony (NYSE: SNE) continues to mitigates its risks. It time to call for a hold while investors wait and see the results of Sony’s corporate strategy.


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Sony’s PlayStation Vue Live TV Service Launches In Select Cities

PS Vue2

Sony’s new live TV streaming service brings the functionality of a cable set top box with a Netflix-like subscription plan.


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PSN Hacker Racks Up $600 in Fraudulent Charges, Sony Refuses To Help

PSN Logo

One distraught gamer reveals Sony’s exploitative policies regarding fraudulent charges made on the PlayStation Network.


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FeelReal Brings Sense of Smell To Virtual Reality


FeelReal has made the virtual reality equivalent of smell-o-vision with a curious mask that simulates the sense of smell and even wind breeze.