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Breaking: Will NASA Reveal Life’s Been Found On Mars?

In Just a few minutes, NASA will hold it’s big press conference on findings they’ve made on Mars and its surface. While discovery of life is the major expectation for many of us, it is more likely that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will reveal findings regarding water/ice structures. Some sources report that the main focus of this press event will be the on how and why “recursive slope lineae” form on the sides of Martian slopes over time. This would provide us with intelligent information that allows us to see whether Mars’ surface is actually just a cover, hiding the underground water sources


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The SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Launch

Earlier today, Falcon 9 rocket exploded after the launch at Cape Canaveral space center in Florida. The rocket was carrying its payload, going to the International Space Station (track current position) and it tumbled out of the sky into the Atlantic Ocean. This marks another setback in the space program, exploration and usable cargo delivery overall. After 23 successive successful launches, including six resupply missions for NASA, the first explosion of Falcon 9 marks the biggest setback yet. This might give second wind to proponents of government-controlled, funded (NASA or Russian Federal Space Agency) claiming that the development and rocket manufacturing for successful payload delivery needs to be controlled for successful missions into space. After all, Orbital