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Cube i7 Book 2 Intel Tablet with Windows 10


After a recent review of Onda OBook 20, we were wondering what are further developments in the world of affordable tablets and convertibles. Onda’s dual boot feature was quite intriguing, but being based on Cherry Trail meant the performance was somewhat lagging even behind the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors (in case of Android OS). After some digging, we discovered the Cube i7 Book 2 tablet/laptop. Amazingly, it isn’t all that more expensive than the Cherry Trail-based Obook. Decision to name the product “I7” in order to bring attention to the processing side would pay dividends if the Cube I7 actually featured Intel’s Core i7 processor. Instead, this


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Samsung Launches New Generation of Ultra Fast SSD Storage

2TB Samsung 960 PRO NVMe SSD.

Samsung Electronics for VR World.

At the Samsung’s SSD Global Summit in South Korea, the company officially unveiled their next generation SSDs. All the models launched use the M.2 connector based around the NVMe (PCI Express SSD) standard. The new 960 PRO SSD is the successor to the 950 PRO, launched at last year’s Global Summit as Samsung’s first M.2 PCIe SSD for the retail market. The new 960 EVO introduces a more affordable option based on TLC NAND flash. Earlier this year, Samsung released the SM961 and PM961, a new generation of OEM M.2 PCIe SSDs. These brought V-NAND to the OEM side of the family and introduced a new Samsung “Polaris” SSD


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AMD Radeon Pro SSG Could Support 4TB Memory


In a move that was perhaps the most important announcement of Siggraph, Radeon Technologies Group presented the Radeon Pro SSG card, perhaps the most innovative concept to have come out of the GPU world of in quite some time. SSG stands for “Solid State Graphics”, and in its prototype version consists out of a Polaris 10 graphics processor, commonly known as Radeon RX 480 with 8GB of memory, a PLX PCIe bridge and two M.2 NVMe slots with two 512GB SSD drives, which might come to market on their own, probably branded as Radeon R9 memory. The way how Radeon Pro SSG works is quite ingenious. When AMD


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WD, SanDisk Move Forward in Acquisition Deal

SanDisk Shanghai office

Looks like Western Digital’s acquisition of SanDisk is moving forward, as the hard drive maker’s shareholders have given a green light to offer common stock as part of the SanDisk deal. In turn, SanDisk’s shareholders have also approved of the Western Digital acquisition, making the transaction a done deal thus far. Western Digital’s shareholders held a special meeting on Tuesday. Around 90% of the shareholder group voted in favor of the stock issuance in the SanDisk deal. However, that number is merely a preliminary account, as the company will release the actual numbers in a Current Report on Form 8-K to be filed with the


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Mushkin’s $499 4TB SSD: Made in USA Works!

Mushkin Reactor SSD

Bill Gates often recommends reading books by Vaclav Smil, especially the Made in the USA: The Rise and Retreat of American Manufacturing. In this book, Vaclav goes in depth why a shift in manufacturing is irreversible, and goes in depth about the errors USA made while it moved mountains in manufacturing and the unstoppable move to service-based economy. However, every opinion is subject to change, and over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of manufacturing returning to the USA, from high-end components to mainstream products. Furthermore, we’re seeing several Chinese companies moving the production to the North American continent. Faraday Future raised a lot


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Kingston Launches DDR4 Memory, PCIe SSDs for Intel Skylake

Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 memory kit.

Following the announcement of Intel Skylake-K processor for gamers and enthusiasts and the new chipset, known as the Z170 PCH (Processor Communications Hub), memory manufacturers introduced new products to support the platform. HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. announced several new products optimized for Skylake. The company launched several 8GB and 16GB memory kits from the Fury family and now offers memory kits with two and four DIMM modules. Memory kits are available in low-latency 2133MHz (CL14), and CL15 versions at 2400 and 2666MHz. With Intel Core i5-6600K and i7-6700K, we are looking at very good bandwidth of 34.1GB/s for the 2133MHz, 38.4GB/s for 2400


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Computex 2015: Intel Goes for The SSD jugular


Intel is pushing hard to become a leader in the SSD space.


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Samsung Claims ‘World’s First’ With M.2 NVMe SSD


Samsung is mass producing NVMe PCIe solid state drives with a M.2 form factor.


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Corsair Adds New Capacities To Force Series LS SSD Line


The Corsair LS SSD line expands.


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Kingston Launches Blazing-Fast HyperX Predator PCIe SSD

Kingston HyperX Predator PCIe SSD

Kingston’s new SSD taps PCIe x4 connectivity for lightning-fast 1400MB/s read and 1000MB/s write speeds.


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Take A Look At The Corsair Suite at CES 2015

Corsair Suite CES 2015-19

Take a look at what Corsair was showing off in its suite at the 2015 CES show


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CES 2015: Samsung Launches An External Drive With Built-in SSD


Samsung takes an Evo 850 series SSD and builds an external casing around it.


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Samsung 850, Asus T200TA, Lawson 8.1: The Headlines in Tokyo for Dec. 15


Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites for December 15, 2014.


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Samsung Evo 850 Series Is Now Official

Samsung Evo 850

Samsung’s Evo 850 drives come with the vendor’s 3D V-NAND technology, which offers a significant improvement in performance.


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NAND Flash Industry to Grow More than 10% in 2015: TrendForce


NAND flash industry is expected to make a comeback next year.


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Samsung Evo 850 Series Detailed In Leak, May Launch Next Month

Samsung Evo 850 series

Samsung’s Evo 850 will offer next-generation performance to mainstream users.


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Your SSD Will Outlive You


A modern SSD will survive nearly 1000 years of average read/write use, according to new testing.


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Gigabyte’s Ultraforce P35X Aims To Offer Desktop-level Performance


With an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M and WQHD+ display, the Ultraforce P35X packs a serious punch.


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QNAP Introduces New SSDs


QNAP’s new SSDs allow users to do more.


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BitFenix Prodigy M: High Quality In A Small Size

BitFenix Prodigy M-LARGE

The BitFenix Prodigy M is a beautiful small form factor case that fits mATX and mini-ITX motherboards. The case may be small but it is very high quality.