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Japan Now More Open to BYOD, Survey Says

Implementation of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies at work is a common trend nowadays, and Japan is no longer an exception to this. Japan may still feel conservative about using tablets at the workplace, but for most other kinds of portable electronic devices, progress is just up ahead. In fact, whereas personal devices are traditionally not allowed to be used in the work place, usage statistics recently published by Trend Micro Japan (TYO: 4704) already tells us a different and more promising story. Based on the numbers shown by the report, at least 47% of all the employees within the sample survey have stated that personal devices are actually generally


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Tablets Are Used by 15% of all Businesses in Japan

Business research analysis shows that tablets now enjoy a bit more prevalent use in Japanese businesses. IDC Japan, a market intelligence and advisory company, reveals that tablets are becoming more and more commonplace in Japan’s business settings and operations. In its latest statistical report involving the status of tablets in business operations in Japan, it has been shown that tablets account for at least 14.8% use in most electronic activities. According to the report, the 14.8% share in tablets used for businesses are a mix of small to medium industries, which include service type businesses such as IT support and retail product distribution. Larger businesses also


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Live TV Viewing Out Weighs Streaming Video

Watching TV

Ipsos OTX, a research and social strategy company, says sitting in front of the TV is still the preferred viewing experience. Eighty six percent of adults out of 15,551 in 20 countries are traditional couch potatoes. According to their statistics, several respondents admitted to accessing video in multiple ways. The company quotes 27 percent as streaming/downloading TV/video via computer, 16 percent streaming Internet video to TV, 16 percent are using DVR/recording devices to view video entertainment, and only 1710 in 15.5 thousand watching on mobile. Depending on the method of watching entertainment, the results resemble a roller coaster, up and down depending on the modality.