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Why Does The NFL Keep Fumbling Their $400 Million Microsoft Deal?

The brand new NFL season started a few days ago but the controversies keep on piling on. For the past few months, the heated debate over the Deflategate controversy raged on, resulting in increased viewership of the last NFL game. The game we are talking about was a match between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, with the New England Quarterback Tom Brady at the center of the said controversy. It is no wonder that his first personal seasonal appearance was something haters and fans simply didn’t want to miss. However, there was another controversy brewing, one that non techie audience doesn’t catch that easily. In 2013, NFL bonded


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Microsoft is Paying $650 for Macbook Air Users to Buy a Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 Box

You heard it right, Microsoft is paying Macbook Air users up to $650 to swap their Macbook Air for a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. This offer is designed to give Apple users cold hard cash to upgrade their 11 or 13″ low-resolution Macbook Air laptops for Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s. If you look at the specs of the Surface Pro 3, it does look much more attractive than the Macbook Air on paper with a higher resolution touch display, active pen, and optional keyboard. However, if you know the resale prices of most Apple products a Macbook Air could probably still fetch north of $650


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Surface Pro 3 – Surface Gets Bigger and Better

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has clearly not stopped with their aspirations with the new Surface Pro 3 that they launched today. This is a follow up to their Surface Pro 2, which also featured an Intel ultra low voltage Core family CPU, except now you have a choice of a Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 CPU as opposed to only being able to choose an i5. The CPU in the Surface Pro 3 is actually the same as it was in the 2, which is a little disappointing but Intel’s Broadwell won’t hit until much later this year. Once that new Intel chip starts to pick