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Having SMS Problems After Ditching Apple and iMessage?

After Apple finally owned up to being the reason for undelivered SMS messages due to an iMessage bug, they have finally provided a fix for confused users.


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T-Mobile Launches New Low-Cost Family Plan

T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile is going after AT&T once again, and this time they’re trying to compete with them (and Sprint) on their family plans. Family plans generally save families a lot of money because not all of the users in the household use tons of data nor do they all need that much. Generally speaking, most parents use very little data while the children tend to hog up most of the data. T-Mobile’s new plan is designed to deliver 10 GB of 4G LTE data to a family of four for the low price of $100. As you can see from T-Mobile’s own table, their plan is


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Nvidia Launches Ultimate Quest to Culminate in Product Launch

Nvidia Ultimate Quest

Nvidia sent us a link to a contest that they’re running which is a series of puzzles that will eventually lead you to a ‘new release’. By the looks of it, Nvidia is doing some sort of launch next week, July 22nd. This actually lines up with a recently rumored release of an Nvidia Tegra K1 tablet, which is supposed to launch on the 29th according to Videocardz, but originally stated the 22nd (they changed the date since we last saw the rumor). It is rumored to have a full HD display, which is still quite desirable for mobile gaming and a separate game pad to


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Boost Mobile Introduces $40 "Unlimited" Plan, Thanks T-Mobile

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprint, today announced that they would be offering new plans for those looking to get cheaper unlimited pricing. Boost Mobile has traditionally been Sprint’s budget carrier offering, offering cheaper devices and cheaper plans, so it comes as no surprise that they are now coming out with an offering designed to compete with T-Mobile’s latest ultra-cheap offerings. However, keep in mind that Boost Mobile is Sprint’s biggest pre-paid user base, which does not help with post-paid numbers but does ultimately affect the bottom line. In the past, Boost Mobile offered users to lower their bills by $10 a month