Blog hits 150K mark, BSN* passes 10K mark & issues update

Looking at the blog today, I felt warm at heart: since its launch on October 15th, 2008, this blog clocked 150,000 unique visitors and got as high as 369,267 rank on Alexa and 321,068 on Quantcast. For a tiny blog written by a single person, I could not be happier. At the same time, similar thing happened on the new site… we clocked more than 10,000 visitors in mere days after the launch, even with all the issues that happened with our provider – DNS resolve issue, e-mail server issues and so on. But now, things are getting on track and we should be out


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Folding@Home team update, new stats page ;)

I’ve been a fan of distributed computing since late 1990s, with SETI@Home running on every computer that I ever had. However, the real attractive proposition to me was running distributed computing applications on graphics cards. GPUs are much more efficient in stream computing than any CPU you could find, and I’ve tried DC apps on computers with DEC Alpha, Intel Pentium onwards, AMD K6-II onwards etc etc., but biggest jump in performance was Folding@Home on ATI Radeon X1800XTX graphics card. With the launch of this blog and the new website, I’ve decided to launch a new group, number 69864. Current name is the name of