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Tesla’s Musk Delivers First Model 3 Vehicles

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was on display past weekend handing over the car keys to company’s long-awaited Model 3. At minimum, you will see 30 mid-priced electrical sedans on the roads in North America. With over 500,000 pre-orders, Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles the auto industry have seen to date. Priced at $35,000-55,000, this is a drastic reduction compared to Musk’s Model S and X, which are often more than double the cost. “We finally have a great, affordable, electric car – that’s what this day means,” Musk said. “I’m really confident this will be the best car in this


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Tesla New Master Plan: 5 New Vehicles, Uber 2.0, Power 2.0

In the late afternoon California time, or early morning Singapore time, Elon Musk, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tesla Motors, Inc. posted what is his second Master Plan for Tesla. On August 2nd, 2006 Elon posted the first Tesla Master Plan, one we can say the company pretty much checked all the marks. Just a few days before the 10 anniversary, we’re treated to another plan. In this article, we’ll bring you the most interesting bits: Tesla is Becoming an Utility Company “Create a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just works, empowering the individual as their own utility, and then scale that throughout the world.


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See the Tesla Model S, 3, X Cars from Above

When Motor Trend gained permission to create a photo session with the Model 3, the crew went to the site of future GIGAFACTORY 1, world’s largest battery manufacturing facility. The video we’re linking to contains a lot of details about the battery facility and the cars themselves, but this picture caught our attention as it demonstrates the difference in size between the three models: Tesla Model S is the base for size comparison: 4.97 meters long, 1.96 meters wide, and 1.44 meters tall (196″ x 77″ x 57″). Model X is 5.03 meters long, 2.00 meters wide and 1.68 meters tall (198″ x 79″ x 66″). On the other


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Tesla Sells $4.8 billion worth of Model 3 in First 24 Hours

The ‘great wait’ is over, as Tesla completed its strategy set all the way at the time when the ‘Tesla Motors’ was a small tent inside the SpaceX factory in Hawthorne, CA. The plan was always the same: S-E-X-Y. It all started with building a sports car (Roadster) that will pay for the development of a limo, build a limo (Model S) that will pay for the development of SUV (Model X) and a mainstream car, and build a mainstream car (Model E 3) that will bring e-mobility for masses. As we all know now, Model X was not a part of Tesla’s initial plans (that was the


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Tesla Self Driving Revolution: Jim Keller joins Elon Musk

Following his departure from AMD, where he oversaw the complex tasks of creating new processor architectures, Jim Keller looked for new challenges. Word came today that Elon Musk personally led the negotiation with Jim in order to get him to join Tesla Motors, Inc. with an expected answer. At Tesla Motors, Jim Keller will be in charge of running one of most important research departments, the autopilot R&D. Right now, the self-driving capabilities of Tesla Model S, X, and 3 are all being processed by a combination of in-house software with hardware from companies such as NVIDIA and Mobileye. How does the Tesla Autopilot Work? In order to explain


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2018 Porsche Mission E is the Ultimate Panamera Follow-up

Throughout 2015, German car manufacturers were announcing they’re getting ready to strike back at Tesla. In a rather interesting set of events, Porsche decided to fire the first real bullet at the 2015 IAA Frankfurt car show, revealing their 2018 Porsche Mission E. The concept car, which is fully electric and rather gorgeous, tries to bring a level of sport elegance only known to Porsche into the developing eco-friendly motoring world. This is a four door, four single seats concept powered by electric drivetrain which develops over 600 hp (440 kW) system power, with over 500 km driving range. All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, zero to 100


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$132,000 Tesla Model X arrives September 29th, 2015

After years of waiting, Tesla Motors, Inc. finally released the online configurator for the Tesla Model X. It only features a Model X Signature Edition for now, allowing you to fully spec out the Model X Signature starting from $132,000 and going way, way up to as much as $143,750. For example, the “Ludicrous Mode” speed upgrade will cost an extra $10,000 on top of the base MSRP of the vehicle. With a 90kWh battery pack the Tesla Model X will have an estmiated (EPA) range of 240 miles. It will sprint from 0-60mph (0-100kph) in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 155mph (250kph). With the


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Tesla Model 3 Announced By CEO Elon Musk

This is the news many Tesla Motors supporters have been waiting for: Tesla announced their entry-level model, the Tesla Model 3, to be released in the forthcoming years. The news came earlier today when Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the new model, fueling further hype for the electric car company and their upcoming models as well. Elon used the social media platform, as he did in his earlier announcements and made sure the public was on it right away. To remind the readers, Model 3 represents Tesla’s SEX strategy, which was changed into S3X strategy after Ford trademarked ‘Model E’. We now know that Model 3 is


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Tesla Motors Delivers 52% More Vehicles In Q2 2015

According to information released by the company, 11,507 Model S were delivered to its owners over the second quarter 2015. This was a new record for the electric car maker in terms of most cars delivered in a quarter and represents an approximate 52% increase over Q2 last year. While the number is rather small (compared to traditional car makers) it still represents a nice bump in the all-electric car business. Furthermore, it speaks a lot about the profitability of the company, as (unofficially), the average sales price of Model S is high $87,370, which means the company made over a billion USD – approx


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Nevada Gets Tesla Gigafactory with $1.25 Billion Tax Deal

Yesterday, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced that the company would be placing its new Gigafactory in Nevada, where it had already broken ground and many believed it would ultimately place the Gigafactory. And during the Gubernatorial debate in California, between sitting Governor Jerry Brown and challenger Neel Kashkari the topic of Tesla’s Gigafactory was brought up as a lost business opportunity for California by Kashkari. Kashkari stated, “We need to bring good jobs to California. Tesla is one of many examples of this failure of this Administration.” Then, Governor Brown followed by saying, “It’s pretty clear what happened. We fought hard for Tesla, but Tesla wanted a massive