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Coalition Against TWC-Comcast Merger Brings Together Strange Allies

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Dish Network, Glenn Beck, and the Parents Television Council are some of the names lobbying to block the deal.


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DirecTV to Deliver 4K Content to Samsung Customers

Samsung Curved 4K TV

DirecTV has launched their new 4K content delivery service through their Geniue HD DVR service allowing Samsung owners to watch some 4K content over DirecTV


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Comcast Posts Surreal Response to FCC Comments

Comcast Opposition FCC Comments

As a response to the thousands of comments on the FCC’s website pertaining to the Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC) merger, Comcast has released a public statement as a part of a blog post on the company’s own site detailing its side of the merger (really an acquisition, but acquisition is a dirty word). In the company’s own post is links to its official response to the FCC Comments with a 300+ page document that supposedly addresses the concerns and refutes others. The document features sections titled: THE TRANSACTION WILL PROVIDE SUBSTANTIAL PUBLIC INTEREST BENEFITS, AND CHALLENGES TO THESE BENEFITS ARE WITHOUT MERIT Featuring Answers


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San Diego Not Getting 300, 200 or 100 Mbps

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In one of the most depressing rumor squashings I have ever had to personally experience, I am reporting to you today that Time Warner Cable’s rumored 300 Mbps, 200 Mbps services are not rolling out on July 7th. In fact, after speaking with Time Warner Cable’s representative for the San Diego area we got some even more depressing news. According to Bret Picciolo of Time Warner Cable, the company will not be rolling out their 300 and 200 Mbps services in the San Diego area. This is in spite of multiple CSRs indicating to myself and other people that such services would be available starting