Video: Insanity Showcased In A Wingsuit And On A Mountain

So, you consider yourself a daredevil? A courageous individual, ready for anything? Think again. When Uli Emanuele used his wingsuit to rip through a mountain after hiking it, the basis for what’s considered bold just got dialed up a notch. He literally used his wingsuit (a sport psycho in more ways than one by itself) to fly through a whole in a mountain, ensuring his feat gets seen by several million people. Utilizing a wingsuit to fly close or around mountainous terrain has been a sport since the late 1990s, allowing nutjobs (mean this in the utmost positive sense available) to do some rather daring


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Video: Check Out An Awesome Showcase Of This F-16 Over Alaska

The 35th Fighter Squadron, based in Kunsan Airbase in South Korea, have a daunting task in front of them – if the North Koreans ever decide to make a sequel to the 1950’s war in Korea. Meanwhile, they train! The guys and girls from the 35th were in Alaska earlier this year further honing their fighting skills. They also had their GoPro cameras with them recording some pretty exciting footage overall. The nature of this exercise took them throughout the rugged Alaskan terrain which provided great basing for their numerous available tasks. The current generation of the F-16 fighter jets can serve in many different


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Video: Star Wars Imperial March With Floppy and Arduino

The amazing Star Wars Imperial March performed is performed by an army of foppy drives powered by the Arduino processor.


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Watch A Canadian Paratrooper Land In A Dense Forest

In the annual Maple Flag exercise, the Canadian air force military airplane dropped a company of paratroopers, where one of them had a pretty scary landing in a dense forest in this video


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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Trailer Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is slated for a July 31st reveal.