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China banks introduce VR and other cutting-edge technologies

A new branch from the state-owned China Construction Bank is making a plunge into the world of cutting-edge technology. VR World is taking a look at what’s in play to see how this technology may one day spread to banks closer to home. First and foremost is the face-and-voice recognition. At the entrance to the bank, customers interact with a greeting robot that can speak back using voice recognition. Using their ID or facial recognition, clients can then enter the bank and start using the machines inside to do their bidding. Some functions, like buying gold, exchanging currency or withdrawing money are all done on


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Hiku: Add it to Your Shopping Cart

Hiku scans, records, categorizes, locates, and marks your favorite items to make shopping a no-brainer. The handheld device scans bar codes on your favorite and incidental items. The item is then listed on a shopping list on your smartphone ready to take to the store. You can assign an item to any number of user-named lists – Safeway, Petsmart, RiteAid, GNC, and so forth. Head for the store, display your shopping list on your phone and proceed down the aisles. In this review, I’ll show you with pictures how easy it was to install,  learn, and use. I’ll also tell you what I did and


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Dragon Naturally Speaking maker sign a deal with IBM, buys patents

Voice recognition is one of ways of the future. Personally, I view OCZ’s NIA with Brain Fingers technology and Dragon Naturally Speaking as two best possible products to accelerate our interaction with computers, given that the speed of thought is better than our fingers 😉 In that light, seeing that Nuance Communications (developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking) and IBM signed a “licensing and technical services agreement” is a great day for the speech recognition industry. This contract enables Nuance to access whole speech recognition patent portfolio from IBM. Given the fact that IBM was a pioneer in speech recognition technology and used to own Nuance,