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GamerGate Escapist Forums Forced Offline by DDoS Attack

GamerGate has been an ongoing struggle within the video games industry, with both sides waging war against ideals like misogyny and collusion within the media sphere. The movement has been clashing with the powers that be for weeks now, with either faction digging in their heels for the long haul, striking out when (and where) they can. Now it seems that another strike has taken place, this time aimed at one of the last safe havens of GamerGate discussion: The Escapist‘s forums. A recent DDoS attack specifically targeted the publication’s GamerGate forums, forcibly knocking it offline and effectively cutting off all communication on the subject–literally pulling


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Inside The Secret World Of Games Journalism

Evidence has mounted that gaming journalists from key publications like Kotaku, Ars Technica and Polygon have been colluding with one another to control industry-wide news coverage, adding further credence to the widespread belief that biased agenda-pushing is running rampant in the field. According to reports from Breitbart, a number of high-profile journalists communicate with one another via a private Google Groups e-mail listing known as “Games Journo Pros“, where they discuss what to write about, what to include, and more importantly, what to omit. Breitbart, the eponymous blog of the late Andrew Breitbart, is known for its blend of investigative journalism which has been frequently accused by its critics of


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Gamers Revolt: Another Take on The Zoe Quinn Scandal

The gaming industry is at a crossroads, with clearly defined heroes on one side nefarious shadowy villains on the other. Yet another scandal has riven the community, sending shockwaves felt throughout the industry. Unlike many scandals in the past, key gaming publications have remained almost silent on this conflict due to its controversial and sensitive nature. This new battle, dubbed “Quinngate”, has indie devs, journalists and gamers themselves brawling it out across social networks and forums across the internet. So far what little reporting on the scandal has been decidedly one-sided. No one is looking at the other side to see why gamers are up-in-arms, and why they want to strike out. To